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What is Ion Beam Analysis?

Ion beam analysis ("IBA") is an important family of modern analytical techniques involving the use of MeV ion beams to probe the composition and obtain elemental depth profiles in the near-surface layer of solids. All IBA methods are highly sensitive and allow the detection of elements in the sub-monolayer range. The depth resolution is typically in the range of a few nanometers to a few ten nanometers. Atomic depth resolution can be achieved, but requires special equipment. The analyzed depth ranges from a few ten nanometers to a few ten micrometers. IBA methods are always quantitative with an accuracy of a few percent. Channeling allows to determine the depth profile of damage in single crystals.[*]

IBA Intro

Ion sources

Various ion beam species can be produced and acceletated thanks to the ultilization of two ion sources: NEC RF Charge Exchange Ion Source (Alphatross) and Negative Ions by Cesium Sputtering (SNICS). For a complete list of available beam, see List of available Ion beams.


Two-stages (Tandem) acceleration scheme based on a Nitrogen stripping system and electrostatic potentials generated by the Pelletron charging system, with a maximum high voltage of 1.7 Mega-Volts. This allows proton beam to be acceleratted with a maximum energy of 3.4 MeV with typical beam current of 1-1000 nA.

Application Beamlines

Two beamlines are available: Ion Implantation beamline and Ion Beam Analysis beamline. Applications of these beamlines includes: Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry (RBS) and Channeling analysis, Elastic Recoil Detection Analysis (ERDA), Nuclear Reaction Analysis (NRA), Particle-induced X-rays Emission Analysis (PIXE) and MeV Ion Beam Implantation.


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