Nuclear Physics and Applications


Nuclear Reaction Analysis (NRA): an analytical application of nuclear reaction

NEC NRA Introduction

nra spectra
Gamma-rays spectrum aqquired for NRA analysis at the HUS Pelletron

Energy calibration for the accelerator by using nuclear resonance reactions

  • For studying nuclear reactions induced by charged particle beam, energy of beam delivered by the accelerator must be known exactly
  • Energy calibration for the accelerator was carried out using resonance nuclear reaction 27Al(p,γ)28Si in which the energies of resonances are known with very good accuracy
  • This is a first nuclear reaction induced by charged particles experiment using our accelerator

The experimental set up
The experimental set up

Excitation curve
The dependence of 1776 keV peak area on the terminal voltage and the energy calibration curve

Nuclear astrophysics study

10B(p,α)7Be: test experiment for the inverse reaction 7Be(α,p)10B, relevant to the astrophysical νp-process

10B(p,α)7Be: preliminary results from test experiment

10Bap experimental proposal
10Bap experimental results

Direct measurement of 10B(α,p) cross-section, relevant to the astrophysical νp-process

Si PIN detector test: Toward direct measurement of reaction cross-section

  • Measure energy spectrum and angular distribution of the reaction products: α, p directly using low cost newly developed Si PIN photodiode detector

PIN test

A case study using pelletron accelerator: fundamental physics
  • Abnomaly in e+e- invariant mass spectrum from 8Be nuclear transition
  • Possible explainations: new neural boson, dark matter, fifth force etc…
  • An experiment at the HUS Pelletron is being proposed to reproduce this result